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The South County Storm will develop student-athletes to be the best human beings they can be, empowering their passion and creativity to become the most difficult team our opponents will face. We foster a positive environment with strong values and ethics, where players can all grow to be the best version of themselves and a great teammate no matter what uniform they wear.




The South County Storm strives to be the premier women’s hockey, student-athlete development program in southern New England. The Storm is committed to putting our players at the center of everything we do, creating an environment where our players can thrive and reach their full potential, on and off the ice, to realize success every season. Storm supports players in achieving their academic and athletic goals beyond high school to continue to compete at the highest levels as college student-athletes, and lifelong athletes thereafter.




Selfless                    We believe your family, your community and your team before yourself.


Growth Mindset      We’re accountable to ourselves and each other. We’re committed to become better,                                             every day. We develop SMART individual and team goals and support one another in                                         achieving them.

Integrity                   Everything we do as a team is built on a foundation of trust. Do the rightthing, ALWAYS.

Grit                             We train ourselves to be comfortable with being uncomfortable so we’re at our best                                              when things are most difficult. We will find a way to overcome obstacles as a team, no                                        matter how daunting.


Resilience                We bend, we don’t break. We learn, then move on. We make sound decisions for our                                           long-term physical and mental wellbeing to stay at the top of our game. 


Creativity                We develop high “hockey IQs” and leverage our team concepts to continuously innovate

                                    new dilemmas that keep our opponents off balance.

Teamwork                We win as a team and lose as a team. We not only play for ourselves, but for each other.                                      We lift each other up when we are successful and more importantly, when we are not.                                        Our team is a family and it is just as important to work together cohesively off-ice as on                                      through practices and team building activities. 


Attitude                    Our attitudes have a profound impact on each other, affecting our team performance and

                                    ultimate success. It’s important to maintain positive mindsets and attitudes to be the best                                     we can. 

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